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Dentistry for Kids
Young girl brushing her teethIt is important for young children to learn proper oral hygiene at an early age. At the offices of O'Sullivan, DeLuca & Ressel Dental Care we practice preventive dentistry to prevent oral diseases and promote strong teeth and gums throughout our patient's life. Semi-annual visits for professional cleanings are important to your child's oral health. Through a variety of preventive treatments our office staff strives to protect children from developing cavities, gum disease and other more serious oral health conditions. Our team of professionals are ready to provide comprehensive dental exams for your children at your convenience.

When Should Children Have Their First Exam?

The earlier children start to visit the dentist the better their overall oral hygiene will be. As babies grow into early childhood, their oral health habits will be ingrained as part of their daily routines and they will be more unlikely to develop cavities, gingivitis or more serious conditions. The American Dental Association (ADA) suggests a child's first dental exam should be approximately six months after their first tooth comes in. This is typically between six months and one year of age.

Reasons for Exams

Regular exams protect your child's teeth as they grow and develop. It allows our staff to detect any problems early when they are easier to treat. We can also provide guidance and tips for how to best care for your child's teeth. A child's teeth and gum structure changes rapidly from infancy to young adulthood and it is important to have them regularly cleaned and inspected for problem spots.

It is important as children move from toddler to teens and as their teeth fall out (as the permanent teeth start to come in), that they have formed ideal oral hygiene practices. It is also important to have routine cleanings and oral exams twice a year.

What Happens at a Child's Appointment?

Our staff will remove any plaque or tarter, not only on the surface of the tooth but in between them as well. They will also use a fluoride treatment, applying it as a gel to the teeth. Fluoride is a key ingredient in fighting early tooth decay. If a child is deemed fluoride deficient our staff can also prescribe fluoride in a tablet form.

Sealants are also used on newly erupted primary or permanent teeth to apply an added layer of protection. Painless, the thin coating helps to protect the new teeth against acid and bacteria.

During the examination our staff will also screen for more serious issues including disease or damage. X-rays are used to diagnose oral cavity conditions such as gum disease and cavities. If a cavity is found another appointment will be scheduled to have it filled.

Once your child has all of their permanent teeth, our staff will begin to watch for misalignment and may make a recommendation to consult an orthodontist or an evaluation. Your child may need some form of orthodontic appliance in order to straighten their teeth.

Dental exams for your child can be scheduled by our team of professionals at O'Sullivan, DeLuca & Ressel Dental Care. Call us at (352) 666-9898 or pay us a visit during normal office hours to schedule your child's next appointment today.

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