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A woman smiling in Spring Hill, FL.Dental bonding is part of adhesive dentistry, which deals with adhesion and bonding appliances and treatments to the natural structure in a patient’s mouth, including teeth, enamel, and dentin. Bonding is a non-surgical procedure in which a colored and shaped resin is bonded to the tooth. This is typically used to repair damaged teeth and close the gaps between them.

There is no need for anesthesia for this noninvasive procedure, and it can be completed in under an hour in one appointment. Once the appointment is over, patients can leave our office with an improved smile and a higher degree of self-confidence. Come see us at O'Sullivan, DeLuca & Ressel Dental Care, where our team can discuss what is involved in a dental bonding procedure and if it is right for you.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Patients remain alert and awake, without the need for anesthesia during this simple, non-surgical procedure in our offices. It is same day surgery, without anesthesia, and there is no recovery time, allowing patients to go back to work or directly home. Members of our team will ensure the bonding resin matches the patient’s natural teeth, so it goes unnoticed.

The first step involves roughening the tooth’s surface, so it can accept the liquid used to prepare the tooth. This liquid is applied to the dental bonding area. It is designed to help the teeth accept the bonding agent better.

Once the liquid is applied, our team places the composite resin over the pre-bonding liquid. Easily shaped and molded, the resin can hold the same shape as the patient’s mouth and tooth structure. An ultraviolet light is used to harden the resin material and helps it to remain in place. After the gel has properly hardened, patients can eat and drink normally. Patients will have a higher level of confidence and can return to their normal daily activities without worrying about their teeth.

Why Teeth Bonding?

Whether brought on by inadequate hygiene or trauma, imperfections in patients’ teeth can be corrected by a simple dental bonding procedure. It is a cosmetic treatment but has a multitude of uses. It can fix discolorations, cracks, and badly decayed teeth too. Small gaps between teeth can be taken care of too.

Sometimes patients can have teeth of different sizes which gives their smile an off-putting appearance. Bonding can normalize this. Easily corrected, this procedure is quick and straightforward and can easily improve a patient’s smile. Only one office visit is all we need to complete this procedure. Just a half-hour to an hour and the dental bonding process will be completed by our professional team. Once placed by our team, the treatment is not even noticeable.

At O'Sullivan, DeLuca & Ressel Dental Care our bonding services are designed to improve our patient’s smiles. If you would like more information on our bonding service, make an appointment today. Come in for this simple, non-invasive, non-surgical procedure and walk out with a new smile. If you have questions about the process or how to get started then please contact us at (352) 666-9898 or come see us at the office during our office hours for a consultation.

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