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Should I Worry That My Baby Does Not Have Any Teeth Yet?

Posted on 5/1/2024 by Weo Admin
Smiling baby. Many parents wait anxiously for their babies to begin to cut their teeth because they cannot wait to take that first precious photo of a brand-new baby tooth! While you may be anxiously awaiting those pesky teeth to come in, you need to know that there is a timeline for when children begin to get their baby teeth - but each baby is different, and so are their timetables. Here is some information about baby teeth, when they begin to erupt, and when you should worry.

About Those Baby Teeth

The whole process by which babies begin to cut teeth is very exact. All teeth are connected to your jaw by the tooth root. Your baby will not begin to cut teeth until a tooth root is fully developed and attaches to the jawbone. Also, all teeth are connected to the jawbone by the periodontal ligament. Until that ligament is ready, your baby will not be able to get teeth.

You may not be able to see them yet, but your baby begins to grow their baby teeth in the womb, starting at about five weeks of gestation. The teeth first appear as tooth buds in the jawbone and gradually push upward once the tooth root attaches to the jawbone. By the time your baby is born, they will have all 20 tooth buds they need for their baby teeth.

Are There Signs I Should Look For?

Just like babies give you a signal when they do not feel well, babies will also give you signs when they are about to cut teeth. First, you might notice your baby is drooling a lot more than they usually do. They may also run a low-grade fever and be irritable or fussy. They may also break out in a rash from the excessive drooling.

If your baby has reached their first birthday and they have not cut at least one tooth, you should bring them in to see our dentist. Why not give us a call today and let us schedule an appointment for your baby?

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